7 family photographs that capture emotion

During each photo session families allow me into their homes, so I can capture their family story. I’m always extremely grateful that people let me have this little window into their lives. 

My documentary approach means that I try to capture each family honestly and objectively. What I’m after during a family photoshoot is “emotion”. By spending at least a couple of hours with a family there’s enough time for everyone to relax and for me to get those intimate shots. 

Life can be messy and complicated and doesn’t always go as you’d like it to. The same goes for documentary family photography - I’m capturing moments as they unfold and I  accept that I can’t influence these. While the images may not appear as ‘perfect’ as posed photos, my aim is to capture fleeting emotions and create meaningful stories. 

I’ve been going through the archives and have selected 7 family photographs for you that capture emotion - hopefully they’ll make you feel something! 

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