Autumn family photoshoot in East Dulwich, South London

As autumn really gets going, and it gets colder and darker in London, the busy summer playgrounds are suddenly deserted, and there are no more picnics in the park or ice-creams in the sun… I’ve always struggled with the cold. If I could have 25 degrees all year round I would definitely sign up for that! But there are some surprising benefits to autumn! 

What I do like about these colder days in October and November is that the light can be absolutely beautiful. On a sunny day the colours are amazing - blue skies, orange and red leaves, green grass - and absolutely great for a family photoshoot outdoors. Wrap them (and yourself!) up warm and get out there to enjoy a clear, crisp day.  It’s easy to get caught up in work - and for me that means photographing other peoples’ children and family days - and not end up with any great pictures of the time you spend with your own family. So yesterday I took my camera to the playground and had a great shoot with my one-year old. 

Funnily enough I think it’s harder to photograph your own children, whether you’re a professional or not, than someone else’s. When I shoot other families I can disappear into the background and capture the spontaneous interactions between child and parent, grandparent or sibling. When it’s my own daughter she instinctively looks for me and comes to me, making it hard to get those elusive candid shots that are often the most powerful. My husband certainly has to work overtime to keep our daughter entertained if I have my camera with me!

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