Fun in the snow!

London weather, like the weather back home in the Netherlands, is often grey and wet. I can’t remember the last time I saw snow,  but it must have been long before Ivy was born. So when we woke up on Sunday morning and saw the snowflakes dropping from the sky we rushed out of the house.

Ivy was super excited, as this was her very first experience in the snow, and I’ve never seen her abandon Bing (her current favourite tv show, and one that I personally find extremely annoying) as quickly as she did that morning.

I had just got a new 24mm Sigma Art lens (an early birthday present) so it was the perfect time to test it out. I really love the look and feel of this lens, it’s very different to the 35mm Nikon lens that I use for my family photo sessions. 

We just moved to North Cross Road in early December, the street where you can find the Saturday market here in East Dulwich, and it was great to see our road turn all white - albeit for only a few hours. :-)

Ivy had a great time (apart from one tiny tumble!) and I hope to see some more snow soon, although I wonder if we might have to wait for a while!

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